Saturday, August 21, 2004

Winning streak?

With the huge amount of rookies this year, our Titans are incredible unpredictable. After winning the game against the Browns last weekend, they surely proved themselves to us, the fans,but now they have to prove themselves to the rest of the country. Today, they have a game against the Bills and we need to get out their and support them to the first winning streak of the year! GOOOO TITANS!

Saturday, August 14, 2004

New season

With the releasing of Eddie George and leaving of Jevon Kearse, it will be a tough void to fill for the Titans.The signing of Antowain Smith may make it a little better but no matter who they pick , they wont be able to fill the experiences that Mr. George had with the team. We are still hoping for something special from Mcnair this year( aside from his superb talent he shows every year) to get us back in the SuperBowl. Lets root for the Titans when they play the Browns today.. GO TITANS!