Monday, September 27, 2004

Jags and Colts pin us deep in AFC South

After games with the 2 teams leading the AFC South, it isn't looking too good for us this year. Mcnair bruised his sternum last game against the Chargers when he made a bad scramble for a yard or 2 extra. Although the injury was justified in a sense, we are really struggling this year and with out Mcnair its going to be even harder to make up for 2 straight losses. Aswell as Mcnair, the injury-list is piling up and so far its not looking great. We need to get healed up and make up for our games or else we won't make it to the Superbowl. Lets heal up fast Titans!

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Fast Return

Our Titans ,with a 17-7 win over the Dolphins, spared no time showing that Eddie George was replaced without any problems...
Chris Brown, making his first start as Eddie George's replacement, set up a touchdown with a 52-yard run, the Titans' longest since 1998. Brown gained 100 yards in 16 carries but sat out the second half with a sprained left ankle

Although Brown sprained his ankle, I am confident he will continue to pump out great games. And on the upside, Eddie George hasn't been up to his old standards in Dallas either, so maybe it was for the best. Steve Mcnair didn't have one of his greatest throwing games(only 14 passes) but he still played a great game. Lets hope we can keep this up. Although the Dolphins have been pretty weak since the whole Ricki Williams controversy, I am confident that it wasn't just a one time things. Lets get our players back in shape and get out there Titans!

Friday, September 03, 2004

Nails have been chewed away

After the last 2 games being extreme nail-biters, I can't say I am happy after the loss against the Cowboys. Especially since Eddie George had to be one of the "Bad Guys" this time around. Since us Titans Fans were so used to cheering him on. But it doesnt seem he has dwelled on it though...
He still might get a parade someday, and the Titans may even retire his No. 27. But he said Wednesday that he is too busy playing with his new team -- the Dallas Cowboys -- to think about what he calls a business decision.

``I have no animosity toward the organization,'' he said in a conference call with reporters in Tennessee.

Lets hope we can do better against the Packers, and the good news is we have taken a 7-0 lead as of right now. Go Titans!