Wednesday, December 20, 2006


The Jacksonville Jaguars played a great game in every aspect of it except one, turnovers. They could not stop the Titans from making big plays off of them. David Garrard threw 3 seperate interceptions which where returned 61, 83, and 92 yards by 3 different Titans. Although Vince Young completed only 8 passes for a total of 98 yards the defense was setting franchise records with 370 yards for the game. Starting the season at 0-5 the titans have won 77% of thier last 9 games and now have an unrealistic slim shot at the playoffs. Every peice must fall into place for them at this point, even the ones they cannot control. They need to keep in the winning mindframe for this Sunday's game against The Buffalo Bills. You cannot count on the other teams to make mistakes letting your defense work for your scoring.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Again for the win

If you missed last Sunday's T-n-T match up then you need to find out which of your friends recorded it. The Tennessee Titans came back from 8 points down against The Houston Texans to tying up this game for some overtime. Once again this Houston Native and former UT star quarterback showed the Texans up by running a 36 year Quarterback sneak for the touchdown and the win. Vince could not have been happier and he let it shine as he jumped into the sea of burnt-orange clad fans. The crowd had been cheering for the Texans for most of the game but when Vince, who grew up within miles of the Reliant Stadium in Southwest Houston, ran the touchdown in, sealing the game for the Titans, the crowd exploded into cheers, whistles, and clapping hands.

The Texans, at many's dismay, passed on Vince Young in the first pick of the draft in favor of defensive end Mario Williams because the team already had quarterback David Carr. I personally feel sport teams should consist of players that live in the area of the team. Then it really is a region to region rivalry instead of a great Texas player having to show his stuff in Tennessee. Great job Vince and we all miss ya down here.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Comeback Kids

The Indianapolis Colts have defeated The Tennessee Titans in 8 straight games. This time the Colts needed a win over the Titans to clinch the division for a club record of four years. During the first 20 minutes of the game it seemed that was likely as the Colts took a commanding lead. But Peyton Manning got intercepted 2 seperate times while Vince Young threw for 2 touchdowns which started the boys on a comeback not quite as large as against the New York Giants, but a comeback none the less. The stop came when, at 1st and goal, the Colts could not pull together a TD. The big news however was kicker Rob Birionas who, with the wind at his back, kicked a 60 yard field goal, the longest of his career. Although a play-off shot is non-existant, I see nothing but greatness comign from The Tennesee Titans for the rest of the season.